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Staff Extensions and Emails

To get in contact with a staff member, dial (925)458-3261 followed by the extension you are trying to reach.


Shore Acres Staff  2019-2020


Position / Grade Name Extension Email Address
Principal Moss, Suleyma 6402
Vice Principal Chirco, Kevin 6405 
Office Manager Walsh, Stephanie 6401
Attendance Secretary Ough-Price, Francie 6400
Nurse Padil, Cristina 6403
Community Service Asst. Benitez, Leticia 6452 
TK-Kinder   TEACHERS  
Transitional Kindergarten Bilingual Terriquez, Saul 6434
Kindergarten, DL Spanish Partner Saldivar, April 6433
Kindergarten, DL English Partner Garcia, Rosa 6431
K-2 SDC Chung, Miran 6435
First Grade, DL Spanish Partner Ruvalcaba, Alma 6436
First Grade, DL English Partner Zanipatin, Maria 6448
First Grade, SEI Beatty, Angela 6432



Second Grade, DL Spanish Partner Sandoval Vega, Blanca 6450
Second Grade, DL English Partner Jacobsen, Megan 6451
Second Grade, SEI  San Juan, Tomasita 6436
Third Grade, DL Spanish Partner Murillo, Lorena 6444
Third Grade, DL English Partner Bever, Angela 6445
Third Grade, SEI Nunally, Denise 6427
3-5 SDC Garcia, Nicole 6446
Fourth Grade, DL   Martinez, Elvira 6421
Fourth Grade, SEI Radabaugh, Rebecca 6419
4/5 Combo, SEI Hamachi, Patricia 6425
Fifth Grade, DL Miller, Gordon 6426
Fifth Grade, SEI Leutzinger, Kylie 6427
ELD Support Teacher Hernandez, Lourdes 6428
Vocal Music Beal, Emily 6430
Librarian Fleming, Giovanna 6414 and 6415
Instrumental Music Jones, Forest 6430
P.E. Portez, Brittany 6400
Psychologist Couttien, Orielle 6409
Resource / Intervention    6424  
Fred Finch Counselor   6461  
Speech Language Pathologist    Naranjo, Norma 6411
Counselor Torres, Marcie 6418
Occupational Therapist Torrez, Billy 6409
EL Instructional Assistant Gomez, Leticia 6428
Special Education Asst. Clary, Barbara 6424
Special Education Asst. Cuenco, Elisse 6435
Special Education Asst. Banks, Tabitha 6446
Cafeteria Manager Bergum, Teresa 6410
ASP Coordinator Taito, Rachel 6422
Site Tech Francis, Candy 6422